Editor – Arc Stockton Wed 28 March 2012

Claire Morgan

Quite simply one of the most outstanding one person dramas I have ever witnessed. Claire Morgan’s Editor was so moving and yet ultimately life affirming and really uplifting.

This was a real life drama with a starting point a year ago following the theft of a diary and private journal. At a point in her life where she was trying to come to terms with so many serious personal issues this was a massive kick in the teeth. Claire’s diary was her record and release from life, love, sex and surgery all placing huge and taxing demands on her at this time. The robbery was almost the last straw, a small act but its affects were deeply traumatic. It felt like a violation.

Yet when the dust had settled, and her anger and frustration had calmed to just above the surface, Claire embarked on a personal journey. She had lost all those words recording her inner most thoughts, she might not physically be able to find them again but through looking inside herself she found her voice.

In Editor we live through all the bolts from the blue and life challenging obstacles that Claire is dodging like bullets. She recalls them all from her stage beside the rubbish heap that could be threatening to devour her life. We are also reviewing events with her within that dump, where the diary has probably been discarded as worthless to the robber.

I should explain that the Studio Theatre was arranged with audience seated on random chairs discarded in a rubbish dump. Claire actually first appeared from within stacks of bin bags, searching for her lost words, sifting through her life and seeking a way forward.

The spoken word was set to a sound scape excellently sculpted by local singer songwriter Tom Hollingworth and Teesside artist Michael Hann. Tom actually performed a warm up act for us down in Arc’s bar which was a lovely way to start the evening’s entertainment.

Claire sings, blows off steam, pours her heart out and endures every possible emotion with us. She is funny, she is angry, she is vulnerable, she is scarred, she is scared. She is just so human. Long before the end of the hour you are willing her to rise up and succeed. It was utterly convincing, totally compelling.

Claire Morgan has found her voice. She’s unstoppable now.


The Lake Poets/By Toutatis

The Lake PoetsTheLakePoets/By Toutatis – The Olde Young Teahouse,Middlesbrough – Sun 4th March 2012

The Lake Poets at the Olde Young Tea House seems like a marriage made in heaven.

A bit like the mouth-watering cup cakes and bottles of old fashioned pop that line the counter of Teesside’s most intimate venue. Add a duo drawn from Teesside’s quality alt folksters By Toutatis and you have a very special Sunday night indeed.

You could have heard a pin drop as Dan from By Toutatis regaled us with tales of Felons, Hanging Trees and the Deadmen’s Cues of the Knights of St Columba Social Club. His trusty fiddler Robbie weaved away as Dan crooned for Queen and country.

TheLakePoetssold out the Sage for their debut EP launch. We get up close and personal at the Middlesbrough Tea House in a gig without any amplification whatsoever. As Martin sings songs about family and his homeland, the City by the Sea we are all ears. Stories of his grandfather and grandmother are so obviously delivered from the heart. Steve’s harmonica adds atmosphere and depth. There is no room behind the counter for any further LakePoets but the duo cast their spell over everyone present.

Utterly charming and so very memorable.

words Robert Nichols – photos by Tracy Hyman



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