Three chilling tales. Two ghostly performers. One thrilling night.

Legend has it that many years ago a book of terrifying tales was found. Now, you are invited to discover the secrets of The Book of Darkness and Light … if you dare.

Join The Storyteller and The Musician for an evening of spine-tingling tales and haunting live music. Three ghostly stories to delight and horrify, accompanied by the beautiful sounds of the violin.

Book of Darkness and Light 1

Be thrilled, chilled and thoroughly entertained by this charming storytelling experience. But, be warned, once the pages of the book are opened … anything could happen!


If you’re going to see something that promises chills and thrills you couldn’t get a better time than right now. You also couldn’t ask for a better venue than the beautiful Reference Library, especially when said show involves clever lighting from floor level that casts the most excellent shadows up to the highest corner in that stunning room! 

Right from the start, as the lights went down, I was completely immersed in the atmosphere. The Storyteller was all kinds of spooky, with his long black coat and fingerless gloves, the old book flopping open to exactly the right page to begin the evening’s tales…and The Musician, oh! Can we just talk about shadows again for a minute? I couldn’t take my eyes off the shadow in the high corner that danced as The Musician played – it was like something out of an old fashioned toy theatre, stuttering, stop start motion, like something from another world – utterly brilliant! 

Book of Darkness and Light 2

Each tale was more compelling than the last, and by the third and final one I had actual goosebumps and chills down my spine! So, so clever. What a truly amazing performance piece! If you’ve not already guessed, I can highly recommend finding your nearest show and booking up quick!


October is the month of all things spooooooky  , so of course I was very excited to see this show!

The Storyteller made me think of a slightly creepy Victorian undertaker, so straight away I was backstorying (yes, that’s a verb) how they could have acquired said Book of Darkness and Light from a dead person. It reminded me of one of the stories from Love Middlesbrough Lass Emma’s book Uncle Montague’s Tales of Terror which I read as part of the Lasses’ summer reading challenge.

I enjoyed the first two stories, and although in both cases it quickly became obvious (to me anyway) how the story would end, I still enjoyed the storytelling, the music and the atmosphere. But the third one! Excuse me while I run away and hide somewhere!  

Book of Darkness and Light 4

The third was much longer and more detailed than the first two, with a fantastic build up where you were just waiting, knowing something bad was coming, but not knowing what. Obviously my inner history geek got excited when it mentioned the witch trials!  Even I didn’t manage to guess where the story was going and how it was going to end, so I was seriously impressed! (And frightened, so we went for late night ice cream to make it better! ) 

I’d definitely recommend going to see any drama or music performances you can at Central Library; it’s such an intimate but overlooked venue which has a great atmosphere. Not to mention it really lends itself to something gothic like this, especially since, intentionally or not, a weird chill crept across us part-way through the show! *shivers*

And I’d also definitely recommend seeing The Book of Darkness and Light if you fancy a bit of a roadtrip – Hexham and Harrogate are your nearest venues for the rest of their tour.

Book of Darkness and Light 3

Visit their website for more details.

We didn’t take any photos ourselves during the performance as we were so completely absorbed! We’ve borrowed the photos for this post from The Book of Darkness and Light Facebook  page – go and give them a follow, the photos are awesome! 


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