Sherlock Holmes: Enigma. Detective. Boro fan. 

I used to think that Benedict Cumberbatch was the best ever version of Sherlock Holmes, until I started reading the Holmes series by Melvyn Small. Made in Boro, lives in Baker Street; I’ve definitely found a new contender for favourite! Dry of wit and potty of mouth, with this version of the enigmatic detective you’ll spend half your time shouting “I’ve been there!” and the other half trying to figure out whodunnit. There was no mystery to this one (oh-oh, cheese alert!), we simply had to add the series to our list of #BoroBooks! 

In Volume 1 we get to meet all the characters that you’ll know and love if you’re a Sherlock Holmes fan, but done the Boro way. Honourable mention has to go to Doctor John Watson of course, trusty sidekick and pen-man of the short stories that you’re sitting down to read. Each and every time Holmes and Watson sit down to eat their breakfast in Baker Street Kitchen, I want to head straight there, order up an all day breakfast and read my Holmes book! 

Holmes Volume 1 by Melvyn Small

There’s all sorts of clever winks to the original stories – Holmes lives in Flat 1B, 22 Baker Street…get it? – and new takes too. None of your long black coat or deer stalker hats in sight; Boro Holmes can be found wearing a battered donkey jacket and trainers. Did I mention that the books are funny? Sarcastic? Right up my (Baker) street then! (sorry not sorry) When the first book ended on a massive cliffhanger, it was pretty much a no-brainer that I’d be right on to book two! 

Holmes Volume 2 by Melvyn Small

In Volume 2 we see the return of Boro’s greatest detective and maybe it’s just that I read this one in January, when it’s grey and dull outside and you crave cosy reading sessions on the sofa, but I read it in three days flat and wanted to start it all over again! I loved loved loved Dead Cold Cases – I mean how could you not when Holmes and Watson camp out? On Seaton Carew beach! It was definitely my favourite of the six stories, followed very closely by The Orb of Ironopolis. Intrigued? The only way to find out more is to read the books! 

Which of course I am going to recommend that you do.


Then when you’re finished we can all group together and start emailing Melvyn Small to write a third volume (pleeeeeeease Mel!) I don’t want to give too much away but right at the very end of volume two there’s a small chance that it’s not the actual end…I know, I know, I tease, but trust me, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about when you read the book for yourself! 

Here’s how you can do just that: 
Volume 1
Volume 2

*Breaking news* the brand new Holmes novella has hit the internet today! Read The Darlington Substitution now! When you get to the bottom of the first chapter there’s an option to sign up to get an email alert when the next chapter is ready. We’ve already had a sneaky peek and we can’t wait to read chapter 2…

Melvyn Small

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