CakeFest Middlesbrough.

Could there be a better event?

Picture this: Cakes everywhere. They’re free. They’re delicious. And best of all, they’ve been created in the image of iconic Middlesbrough buildings. Yes, really! CakeFest Middlesbrough gave everyone the opportunity to sink their teeth into the Transporter Bridge, or grab a slice of the Bottle of Notes – and who hasn’t wanted to do that before?!

Transporter Bridge cake Bottle of Notes cake

From hobbyists to professional bakers, there was room for everyone to take part, and every single one of the cakes I saw was a-ma-zing! I was literally in a state of intense jealousy for the entire time I was there.

I’d feel bad singling out one cake in particular as my favourite, so I won’t, and anyway, they were all amazing in their own way.

As my camera roll will attest, I’m a huge fan of detail and close-ups, so of course I was paying a lot of attention to the tiny things which took the cakes from good to wow! Some of the things I spotted were:

The bunting on Baker Street; the flora and fauna at Fairy Dell; the tiny flowers on the cenotaph; the baking-themed books at Central Library (I’m crying at Flapjack and the Beanstalk!! 😂😂).

Baker Street cake: bunting Fairy Dell cake: flora and fauna
Cenotaph cake: flowers Central Library cake: books

As if doing socials (if you saw our Insta Story, that was me!) and taking photos wasn’t enough, I was also filming the event for a video (when I’m not on Love Middlesbrough Lass duties, video making takes up about 40% of my time!) – in a shameless act of self-promotion, I’ve put the video below. I hope you enjoy it! 😊🍰

CakeFest wasn’t a competition, but all the bakers were asked to nominate their favourite cake for the Baker’s Choice Award, and they chose the cake of Zoe’s Place baby hospice. Not only was it a really faithful recreation of the building itself, but it was also made of rainbow cake, which is the best kind of cake ever, and also a nod to the Rainbow Suite inside the hospice, where parents can stay overnight.

Zoe's Place Baby Hospice cake

And there you have it – CakeFest Middlesbrough in a nutshell (or should that be cake case?)! I for one am desperately wishing that this could happen, like, every month! 😍

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