It goes without saying that we often talk about food here at Love Middlesbrough HQ, like duhhhhh! Last week we were all about Pancake Day and basically planning how many we would eat, and could we really eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner, when suddenly LM Lass Emma uttered some magic words: “there’s a crepe place in the Hillstreet Centre you know…”

You could say that we totally did a combination of the wide eyes/heart eyes/dancing girl emoji and immediately added it to the Lasses’ diary!

If you’ve not been yet, once you’ve read all about our visit to Quick Crepes, you’ll soon realise that pancakes are definitely not just for Pancake Day – you can have them any time you like! Oh the joy! Especially when they look like this…


When you love pancakes as much as I do, Pancake Day is really just yet another excuse to crack out that brand new jar of Nutella and start chopping the bananas to go on the side. So of course I was totally willing to go anywhere that serves crepes all day, every day – Y U M.

When it comes to fillings I’m definitely not loyal to any particular one. Yep I do love that banana-Nutella goodness, but I’m also partial to a raspberry and maple syrup or even a traditional lemon and sugar. I decided to try a flavour combo completely new to me based entirely on two things: 1) the name – Sugar and Spice – I mean, sounds perfect, right?! and 2) cinnamon. I am an absolute cinnamon fiend and will have to try anything if it’s on the menu!

Turns out it was an awesome choice:  butter, brown sugar and cinnamon, all melted together into one gorgeously rich, caramel tasting deliciousness! The sprinkle of cinnamon on the top was just the icing on the cake crepe. Lip-smackingly good!

The coffee on the side was also a good choice. Caffe Breve is basically an American version of a latte served with half milk, half cream and was just the right side of tasty – a good option if you like your coffee on the mild side.

I’m already plotting my next excuse for when I can go back and I’ll be trying out another new flavour combo for sure. There was absolutely LOADS to choose from on the menu and I deffo think you would never get tired of choosing a different one each time – oh the hardship!


Is it really any surprise that I had pancakes twice on Pancake Day and for breakfast again the next day? As much as my heart-shaped pancakes were adorable, they were nothing on the amazingly presented Quick Crepes crepe.

The venue itself was super cool and pretty industrial, with metal and darkness everywhere, I really liked it and it wasn’t too oppressive. There was just an added cool factor to the place.

Of course I had to have the most chocolate-y thing on the menu, so Nutella and Biscoffe (named Biscoffe Delight) it was. This crepe happened to come with strawberries which was a nice amount of faux health – as if I’m ever going to be healthy. I personally can’t say much for the drinks as I didn’t have one but Claire and Rachel’s drinks looked amazing – deffo getting one next time. I loved my crepe and I was left wanting so much more but also was so full, blogger problems right? The added Biscoff spread was a really nice twist to the usual chocolatey-ness of a Nutella crepe – it made it kind of lighter so my throat didn’t feel awful afterwards.

I can definitely say I am a) bringing more people to Quick Crepes, b) going back to Quick Crepes alone, and c) trying the savoury crepes for myself. I very much recommend Quick Crepes for a good dessert or coffee.


Pancake Day is without doubt one of my favourite days of the year, and I firmly believe that the majesty of lemon and sugar pancakes shouldn’t just be confined to one day of the year. Making pancakes with my gran is one of my genuine happiest memories <3

Onto my crepe at Quick Crepes… So. much. chocolate.! It was magical, even if I did need to drink like 7 pints of water afterwards (on reflection, a caramel hot chocolate was probably not the best accompaniment, although it did taste very good!)

I can’t remember the exact name of the crepe, but it had Smarties on the top, and chocolate buttons and marshmallows inside, which had melted and turned into one big gooey, chocolatey mess. Literally all the good things in this crepe! 11/10 would have again!

If we haven’t quite convinced you, head over to Instagram and start following Quick Crepes Middlesbrough – you’ll soon be *drooling*

Get your diaries out and start planning your pancake party/crepe celebration! Can we come too please…?