Duality at the Python Gallery

Duality is a collection of works by Katherine O’Connor and Emma Wolfindale. This exhibition looks at how the two artists live with Bi-polar disorder, where they suffer periods of severe depression and hyper mania. This leaves the sufferer with an altered state of reality; their experiences with this condition are expressed in this collection of pieces. The two artists hope that their work and the stories behind them will help raise awareness.

The Python Gallery: Duality exhibition 2nd March- 20th April 

Having never really been to an art gallery before, I was amazed by the work displayed and felt the emotion and meaning behind every piece.

Katherine O’Connor’s work was especially intriguing as she often used different compositions of birds to express her different emotions. One piece of her work included a number of birds trapped inside a glass jar. There were two pieces of her work which were called “Isolation” and “Isolation2”. I assume this is how sufferers of Bi-polar, including Katherine may feel at times, like they are trapped, alone and are unable to get away from their problems.

Emma Wolfindale’s work however focused more on shapes, such as circles, and lighting; the majority of her work was created using bright colours, like reds. One piece of her work, called “Don’t doubt in the dark what is clear in the light” was painted during a recovery after a depression. This piece stood out from the others as it had a warmer feel to it, it expressed feelings such as hope and life rather than the feeling of being trapped or hurt.

Emma Wolfindale also created a scale on how she was feeling each day, from 10(being big Ben) and 1(being almost gone). She said she wanted to be at least 5 each day, 5 alive. This along with the art increases the awareness of Bi-polar disorder, showing how it can affect your state of mind in more detail.

Both sets of work and artists were extremely inspiring, and I thought the exhibition taught me a lot more about Bi-polar disorder and how people suffering from it can feel at times; I am very pleased I got a chance to visit the exhibition.

Guest post by Tracy Pickering