Happy English Tourism Week! If you’ve not met us before, we’re the Love Middlesbrough Lasses: Claire, Emma and Rach. In case you hadn’t figured it out from our name, we love all things Boro! We’re going to be here every day this week bringing you everything you need to know about visiting Middlesbrough – where to go, who to see, what to eat, best live music in town, history and heritage and so much more! Because it’s Saturday we’re kicking off the week with our perfect night out! Food, drink, entertainment, more food…whatever you’re doing tonight, we hope you have a grand night out! 


My perfect night out is probably going to fall into every single category because what I want to do definitely depends on who I’m with. If I’m out with the girls it’s definitely going to involve some kind of food and cocktails. If I’m with Mr Love Middlesbrough there would be food (recurring theme of life) followed by some kind of entertainment – cinema or bowling usually. There’s sometimes those rare nights out where there’s a big group of us – this usually involves some drinking and a band which we’ve had booked for months. And then I might decide to go and see something at Middlesbrough Theatre if I was out with my parents. See? All the things! Variety is definitely the spice of life – why do just one thing when you can do them all?!

Unless we want this post to be ten miles long, I should probably just pick one thing though, right? Okay, let’s choose a night out with Mr Love Middlesbrough. Love Mbro Lass Rach has already covered food so I’m going straight to the bowling! It’s not really much of a secret that I LOVE bowling! I’m not particularly great at it and I have a weird technique of chucking the ball, but it seems to work and I even sometimes get a STRIIIIIIIIKE, always followed of course by jumping in the air in excitement! It’s a safe bet then that I love Lane 7.

Lane 7 Wall Bowling Balls Lane 7 Lane 7 Middlesbrough

Not only have you got bowling, you’ve also got a really really cool vibe and that secret club feeling from heading down the stairs into bowling heaven. I love that it’s smaller than that other bowling place that shall not be named, I love all the pretty liiiiiights and I love love love the arcade! No night out bowling is complete unless there has been some kind of shoot’em up games played too – step up old skool Space Invaders – yasssss! See you on the lanes!


I really don’t go out that much, and given that Boro is a half hour drive away from home, you’ll only find me out late here if I’m watching a band. Keep an eye out for the music post we have coming out later this week where I cover the best places to see a live band.

I tend to only go out with my partner and we’re both big foodies (in case you hadn’t noticed) so we always eat. Rach has covered the Italian, but my partner and I are pretty exotic with food so you can generally find us in places that serve Indian, Chinese, Italian and a recent favourite, Jamaican. Given that it’s not far from Love Middlesbrough HQ, Turtle Bay has become a go to for the after-work date night food in Boro, and I highly recommend it. If you’re going any later than straight after work I recommend booking a table in advance because it gets pretty busy.

Turtle Bay Middlesbrough 1 Turtle Bay Middlesbrough 2 Turtle Bay Middlesbrough 3

Unfortunately, the only way I can get home late is via a car so I can’t actually drink alcohol, which makes Turtle Bay’s mocktails a life saver. So I can eat, party and not get cold in the middle, also not have a headache the next morning, best part.


My perfect night out, unsurprisingly, involves pizza, and lots of it! Luckily, we’re spoiled for choice for pizzas in Boro… just a few of my faves are Barbarossa, Bistrot Pierre, and Uno Momento (for a pizza the size of a small country). Those are just three of the options though; there’s heaps more places you can go – why not go to them all? You can never have too much pizza! (As an aside: I managed to spin my birthday out to include three birthday nights out this year, all including pizza. I have zero regrets.)

Pizza at Barbarossa Pizza at Bistrot Pierre Pizza at Uno Momento

Perfect nights out also include cocktails, because you really can’t go wrong with a good cocktail. If you’re after something cheap and cheerful, a pitcher at the Southfield is always a winner, but for a little more sophistication, you can’t beat the Nuthatch. I’m obsessed with it!

Interior at the Nuthatch Interior at the Nuthatch Interior at the Nuthatch

Just look at it! Isn’t the decor absolute home goals?! And, most importantly, they do a salted caramel White Russian – I mean, is that not just the perfect drink for me? (If you didn’t know I’m obsessed with salted caramel, have you actually read any of our posts before?! 😂😂)

Cocktail at the Nuthatch Cocktail at the Nuthatch

So there you go, my perfect night out in Boro – unsurprisingly, it involves food and drink! We’d love to hear about yours, so drop us a comment below!

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