One of the most important things when visiting anywhere is knowing where you’re going to eat. Am I right? Don’t worry, as always we’ve totally got you covered. Nobody needs to end up ‘hangry’, especially not in Boro! There are loads of tasty places to choose from when you’ve got the lunchtime munchies and we’ve probably been to them all 😂 It’s a tough life…


Have you noticed I have a recurring theme of never being able to name just one favourite place or thing? I can’t help it, there’s just too much good stuff to pick just one! When it comes to lunch time munchies I have two places to recommend to you: Off the Ground Coffee and The Olde Young Tea House. Let me tell you why.

Let’s talk toasties! I make it my business to try toasties in all food places because it genuinely is one of my favourite things to eat. Must be a reminder of the million that I ate when I was a student… Off the Ground started out doing basic toasties but have recently totally upped their game to include what I call a “fancy toasty” – goat’s cheese, caramelised onion and rocket. Oof – SO GOOD! Throw in one of their deeeelish coffees and you’re basically winning at lunch right there.

off-the-ground-toastie Teahouse quiche
Image of droolworthy Nacho toastie courtesy of Off the Ground

One of my regular lunch buddies is gluten free so it’s a top priority that we have somewhere to eat that she can totally trust. You already know of my love for The Olde Young Tea House and their dreamy cakes from our sweet treat recommendations, and I can assure you it’s also a brilliant place to eat lunch. They have gluten free options for sandwiches and cakes (never forget the dreamy cakes) and they do bagels for lunch! Bagels! It’s rare to find a lunch time spot that does bagels and I flippin’ love them so always order one!

I would have shared a photo of my lunchtime bagel but I was too busy eating it to remember, so here’s one of the quiche you can get at the Tea House instead – equally as deeeelish. Top tip: remember to book ahead if you want to eat lunch cos they’re super busy and the tables fill up really quick!


I have a million and one places I could recommend for lunch in Boro, but the one place I insist on taking people is Mannequin Cafe. Not only is it super close to Love Middlesbrough HQ, but it’s also simple, good and filling food.

Mannequin has the usual cafe food (toasties, sandwiches etc.) but also some Polish classics such as spinach krokiety or pierogi. It’s the best place to take both the fussy and the adventurous eaters and keep everyone happy. I personally just love the tomato chutney that comes with their toasties.

You can’t be a Love Middlesbrough Lass without cake, and Mannequin has a selection of freshly baked cakes every day, don’t ask me what they have because it always changes. There’s often a Polish cake as well, which look amazing. The best part is, everything can be taken out so it’s great for those in a hurry!


So it’s neither the first nor last time I’m going to bang on about Baker Street Kitchen, but I just love it so much! It’s close to Love Middlesbrough HQ which is always a winner (plus their hot chocolate made it into my top 5 hot chocolates list!) but mainly I just need to talk about the food. The food!

There’s none of this dinky portions nonsense; it’s a proper sandwich/omelette/burger to keep you going all afternoon! My fave is the halloumi, lettuce and tomato (HLT) sandwich in ciabatta. I mean, who doesn’t love proper good sized bits of halloumi, right? (If you don’t, just let me know, because that means more for me) And with the combination of mayo and chilli jam too, it’s just perfect. If they were to ever take this off the menu, I’d genuinely cry.

Fun fact: it was at BSK that Claire converted me to sweet potato fries. I wasn’t convinced at first, since I loooove regular fries, but I’m absolutely sold on them now, and get them every time I go.

Long live BSK!

(Oh, and we can’t wait to see the all new BSK after their upcoming refurb – come back soon! And remember to bring the halloumi…)

Where’s your favourite lunchtime place? Join in the conversation and let us know!