I remember the first time I heard about Orange Pip was waaaaay before I became a Love Middlesbrough Lass. I was working at my old job, on a Saturday no less, and was sat on my break scrolling through my socials – as you do. There were loads of people in my timeline checking into this thing called Orange Pip, posting photos of amazing looking food and colourful drinks with umbrellas in them, under a blazing blue sky. To say I was a little bit jelly would be an understatement *sigh*

That pesky work thing kept on getting in the way so it was a good couple of months before I finally, FINALLY got the chance to go and see what it was all about for myself. I can tell you two things: 1) it was definitely worth the wait… 2) because those timeline photos did not lie – the food is ahhhh-mazing. Like so good! My favourite memory from the day is singing along to the beautiful Amelia Coburn, sat on the ground in Baker Street, eating an ice cream with two of my best buds. Ah, happy days. 

Since then I’ve pretty much lost count of how many Orange Pips I’ve been to. It’s a totally different experience when you’re working there but I’ll let you in on a little secret – how lucky can you be when you basically get to hang out with your friends, eat delicious food and watch cool bands all in the name of work? I know, right! 

orange pip market

I definitely have some standout memories from the Pip and would love to hear yours too! Shout them out below so that we can share the love and start to get excited because Pip fans, you don’t have very long to wait now. It’s only one short month to go before it’s back for 2018! Cue all of the party popper emojis 🎉🎉🎉

Want to hear about my Pip faves? Oh go on then! 

It’s an absolute no-brainer that the first thing I’m going to talk about is the food. So much variety, so much deliciousness, the biggest challenge when I get there is deciding where I’m going to eat from first and then where I’m going next. It’s not unheard of for me to basically graze my way through the whole day, round the whole market, eating ALL OF THE FOOD as I go. It’s massively tough to pick one favourite dish cos I mean, come onnnnn, but if you’re going to make me I would choose this dreamy rice dish that I had from Perissia which was absolutely flippin’ divine and might well be the best thing I have ever eaten…or maybe it was that mac and cheese from Sghetti Monster…or those donuts from The Doughnut Guy…gahhhhhhh. Don’t make me choose! 

Sghetti Monster at Orange Pip The Doughnut Guy at Orange Pip

Next up music. So. Many. Good. Bands. As we’re going for highlights let’s talk about jumping about manically to House of the Black Gardenia at the summer special with a broken foot. Yep, not my wisest move but oh so worth it. Ouch ouch ouch, frozen peas for the win. And who can forget when Rockaoke came out to play and the whole of Orange Pip sang Happy Birthday to little Oliver?! So much cuteness ❤️

house of black gardenia at orange pip rockaoke at orange pip

Can we also talk about all the fab stallholders? They’re all so lovely and chatty and I love having a wander around on the morning, getting photos for socials, passing the time of day. It’s sometimes like having the whole market to myself, getting to see all the food (yep, that again) before anyone else does. In an ideal world I’d have the biggest bag in the world and buy one of everything, but that’s a whole lot of stalls and only one of me to carry everything soooo maybe not 😂😂 If Fairley’s Condiments ever come back I will be “saucing” (sorry not sorry) the biggest bag I can find to buy all of their BBQ sauce. Best I have ever tasted. Ever. And that’s a tall order cos I lurrrrrve BBQ sauce. 

fairley's finest condiments

And you know the best, best, best thing about Orange Pip Market? It was born and bred right here in Boro! *fist bump* Who else is on the countdown for 28th April when it’s back? Hands high up at the back there so that I can see you…

A big thank you to the fabulous Lauren Close, Pip Photographer, for the official Orange Pip photos shared in this post. The other photos come from my Insta Stories, not so much photo-worthy as drool-worthy…I could definitely eat that mac’n’cheese right now. Hurry up 28-04, we’re ready for you!