Middlesbrough is one of the best places I’ve found in the North East for live music. Sure, Newcastle is good, but it’s extortionate prices that we just can’t afford. Plus, it’s a lot easier to walk around the Town Centre than it is to get a train to Newcastle. So, here’s Love Middlesbrough Lass Emma’s top 3 live music gigs (in no particular order).

Middlesbrough Empire (AKA, The Empire)

Credit to Middlesbrough Empire

Situated in the centre of town, The Empire is possibly one of the easiest of the venues to get to if you’re visiting. It’s just down the road from the train station, then turn left and you’re there. You can’t miss it because it’s right next to the Town Hall and the Civic Centre. It’s quite a large venue so it great for those wanting to party or to mosh (you will not find me in the centre of the mosh pit though), and also good for a little bit of alcohol.

The Westgarth Social Club

Credit to SUMO Middlesbrough

The Westgarth Social Club is one of the more well known venues in Middlesbrough for music, and it’s not at all the old man’s haunt you’d think. The music and the actual social club are separate so you can easily enjoy the music or enjoy a pint downstairs without being disturbed. It also means that if you don’t like a band, you can always pop away for a drink during their set. One of the best things about the Westgarth Social Club is that they have several different bands playing in a night, it’s like a mini-festival. Just take a look at their facebook page to see what they have coming up.


Credit to SUMO Middlesbrough

SUMO is a weekly dance/nightclub night held in The Empire and we think it needs it’s own shout-out because it’s the best and biggest party in Boro. It covers two floors and four different rooms, plus is definitely has something for everyone.The night covers rock (in all its varieties, plus pop punk), pop and indie in themed rooms for music as well as a lounge for cocktails, craft-ales and champagne. If there’s one night you don’t want to miss, it’s this one.

We also want to give a quick shout-out to Middlesbrough Town Hall which is reopening in May after a massive renovation. We can’t wait to see the bigger stage in the Main Hall and all the cool bands that will be playing.

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