If you read any of our Boro Reads posts last summer, you’ll know that the Lasses love reading! We’ve already told you our favourite books, so for World Book Day we’ve decided to go with something a little different – our favourite authors. (You’ll also know from previous posts that we loooove Harry Potter, so we decided to all pick someone apart from our beloved J. K. Rowling.)


If it hadn’t been for the fact that Patricia Cornwell totally ruined  the Kay Scarpetta crime series by killing off one of the main characters, starting to write in the third person instead of the first, and then bringing the formerly dead character back to life, she would totally have been my winner. I love nothing more than a grisly crime fiction series that you just have to keep reading and reading until you’ve finished, even if it’s 1am and you should so have gone to sleep hours ago…however, she did do all of those things so she’s not my favourite author anymore 😛

To be honest it’s a hard one to call because which author I will choose to read definitely depends on my mood. But as it’s nearly Spring I’ve decided to go for my most favourite comedy author, Janet Evanovich, who writes the Stephanie Plum series. If you’ve not heard of these books before, let me give you a brief introduction: Stephanie Plum is a bounty hunter living in New Jersey, she has a hamster for a pet, a crazy family with an even crazier grandma, is always getting her cars blown up and can’t decide between the two men in her life: good cop Joe Morelli or dark, dangerous and mysterious Ranger.

Stephanie Plum is one of the most loveable characters I’ve ever come across (maybe it’s because she too has crazy big hair that is usually out of control) and the books genuinely make me laugh out loud, much to Mr Love Middlesbrough’s amusement if I’m reading in bed. They’re pretty short, easy to read and come out pretty regularly too (number 24 is the most recent that came out in November 2017) and they’re generally available in libraries, if you’re counting your pennies and want to read a book for free. Highly recommended, I have them all so just give me a shout if you want to borrow them 😂


I can’t say I have a favourite author because I don’t have enough author loyalty to read every book one person ever writes. If I like it, I read it, if I don’t, then it ends up in a pile of discarded books to be sent to the charity shop – this pile has become a box of 2 years worth of books! This isn’t much of a problem for this post as I can still tell you about a really good author that still holds my attention after 5 years; I was a very different person when I first read this series than I am now.

Rick Riordan wrote the amazing Percy Jackson series and inspired me to take an extra class at school for ancient civilisations – very interesting. It’s a pretty easy read given that the main character is dyslexic and it’s from first person – no big confusing words here. Rick has this amazing ability to really get into the head of a teenager and there’s so much character development given that this series and the follow up series span about 8 years – if I’m remembering correctly – and the main trio go from being 12 to 20. I went back to reading the first book in the series recently and could really see how much Percy had changed over the course of 9 books (I still haven’t read the last Heroes of Olympus book) which is kind of striking when you end up looking back on yourself at 12 to how you are now. Very clever Mr Riordan, very clever!

I want to do a quick shout-out to Stan Lee too – for all he’s a writer, not an author. I am a massive nerd and love the Marvel films which wouldn’t have happened without Mr Lee and the amazing team of writers that just keep growing. I’ve also found that comics are a pretty good way to get kids into reading and can be a really good stepping stone into reading books and novels.


This topic caused me all the fear because I tend to read books, not authors, and I hate being someone who’s like ‘I love XYZ author!!’ when I’ve actually only read one of their books! Luckily, a quick search of my bookshelf reminded me of my slight obsession with Jodi Picoult when I was in my teens/early twenties.

If you like things a bit controversial and topical, they’ll be right up your street…. How about a little girl with no religious upbringing who suddenly begins reciting passages from the Bible, develops stigmata, and discovers the ability to heal people (Keeping Faith)? Or a convicted killer about to suffer the death penalty who wants to donate his heart after his death…to the sister of his victim (Change of Heart)?

They’re always pretty heart-wrenching topics, so not good for the faint hearted, but they’re amazingly written, with so many different characters who all have relationships and feelings and aren’t just there to move the plot along. Definitely my favourite thing about the books is that there’s always amazing twists in the tale, as anyone who’s read My Sister’s Keeper will agree. (But don’t watch the film. Ever. Because srsly, they ruined it in every possible way 😭)

Fun fact: I met Jodi Picoult at a book signing in York, and I commented on how awesome it was that she was wearing a tiara. She told me she could tell by my hair that I could definitely rock a tiara! 😳😳 My one and only claim to fame!