Just in case you don’t have windows and might have missed the snow ❄️❄️❄️ we thought we’d throw in an extra post for this week sharing all things snowy! It reminded us how much we love the snow so we’ve done a massive round-up of ALL our snow pictures from this Winter. We’ve had so many good snowfalls this year and of course we always run outside straightaway to bring you Boro in the snow! 

Centre Square is literally right outside of Love Middlesbrough HQ so we’re often to be found pointing our cameras across it/up at the sky/in the trees/chasing the shadows/chasing the sunset…you get the picture… (ha! pun totally intended!) 

bottle of notes in the snow

Snow in Centre Square

As soon as Love Middlesbrough Lass Rach sees that it has snowed, she’s up and about and leaning out of her bathroom window to get the best snow-tree pictures! 

And last but not least, we’ve shared the Love Middlesbrough dog, Bob, a few times now and he seems to get all the love 🐶 Sadly we can’t bring him into work with us (although that would of course be the BEST day ever!), but obviously he gets all of the outdoor fun so here’s one of him as a snow dog ❄️ at least he doesn’t get dirty in the snow, just really really soggy…

It’s definitely safe to say that the Lasses love the snow – and we hope you’ve enjoyed our post as much as we’ve enjoyed putting it together! Now if you’ll excuse us, it’s time for us to put on wellies and go jump into the biggest snow pile we can find!! 😎