Wow! Blink and suddenly three weeks have flown past, and not only have the Christmas Lights been switched on, but the Magical Middlesbrough Parade has happened too! We’re still trying to figure out where those three weeks got to, but while we ponder, we thought we’d keep you entertained with a massive round up of all things Magical Middlesbrough Christmas to get you in the festive spirit – 26 days and counting til the big day… *eek*

First up: pretty liiiiiiiiights! How good was the Christmas Lights Switch On?! Police Interceptors!
Gorgeous Boro players!
Tom Campbell from Heart FM!
The Police Interceptors’ dogs!
Serinette and their flipping fantastic, festive frolics (try saying that really quickly three times!)
Flame! Oz!
Oh my! By the end of the evening we were hoarse from all the singing, ooh-ing and ahh-ing and general, eyes wide in total awe magic. Brilliant night! 


It’s really hard for me to pick my absolute fave because I loved it all, but if you’re going to make me, I would have to say Flame Oz. Truly spectacular! As if anyone could climb up onto someone’s shoulders with two flaming hula hoops and then hula them all the way down to the floor. Whaaaaat?! So. Much. Love. Then! The AWESOME finale that just had so much going on I didn’t even know where to look – all accompanied to heart thumping music that just made it even more exciting. Wow. Just wow. I absolutely LOVED it! 

Fast forward a few days to the Magical Middlesbrough Parade and once again there were so many cool things to see. The change to the route meant that the structures could be bigger and better than ever before and we weren’t let down. Did you see that absolutely adorable sleeping mouse in the big tartan slipper? So much cuteness! Singing, dancing, drums, kiddos in costumes and community spirit galore, it was another magical event and it was so cool to see everyone cheering and waving all along the route. 

We’ve already established that being a Love Middlesbrough Lass is one of the best things ever, but I’m about to top it once again. Yep, I totally got to go and meet the reindeers. Wahhhhhhhhh! There were two baby ones (6 months old) who were completely adorbs and it was so special watching them all munch away on their pre-parade snacks while I chatted to their handler about all things reindeers. It was even better when we got to see them at the end of the parade and they were having a little nap resting on each other – cannot even deal! 

So what’s next? Well, I’ve not had chance yet to sample much from the Christmas Markets but I’m definitely looking forward to a trip to the Bavarian Bar for some seasonal mulled wine – yummo! And then there’s the Big Sing to look forward too as well on the 17th December! Yayyyyy, Christmas is officially ON!