If you spoke to anyone at Love Middlesbrough HQ and said to them – we want to write all about tea for National Tea Day, who should we ask? – every single one of them would tell you that Love Mbro Lass Claire is your woman!

Wake up – drink tea.
Come to work – drink tea.
Mid-morning break – drink tea.
Almost lunchtime – drink tea.
I could go on and do you an hourly breakdown but I think you probably get the picture. Me and tea are very deeply connected. As far as I’m concerned it’s pretty much the answer to everything in life! 

National tea day

When it comes to tea there are definite rules to be followed: 

It’s Yorkshire Tea or no tea – no substitutes accepted unless in dire circumstances.

Yorkshire Tea

Tea bag, followed by hot water, followed by quality brewing time, followed by milk – it’s a strict order and must always be obeyed.

The exact shade of the perfect cup of tea is hard to describe but it’s probably two down from the strongest brickies’ tea you could see – we’re talking a good quality shade of brickish-brown. Make me a cup of grey tea and you’ll lose my heart forever. 

The size of cup is also very important. I say cup but I probably mean mug, I’m definitely a mug of brew kind of girl rather than a cup and saucer. If I do go down the cup and saucer route you can guarantee that every inch of tea is going to be squeezed out, which is usually 2-3 cups of the good stuff. I’m currently obsessed with my KeepCup which is just the right size of perfect. 

Okay, now that we’ve clearly stated the rules, where exactly in Boro can you go for a brew of dreams? I always end up coming back to the same two places, but there’s a reason they’re always being spoken about and that’s because they’re both brilliant, in my humble opinion.  

Obviously we’re going to talk about the Tea House. I mean, like durrrrrrrr. If you want a good brew it makes perfect sense that a place with the word Tea in their name is going to make sure that they deliver the perfect cup. Of course they do Yorkshire Tea. Actually that’s just one out of the many many teas that they offer – I’ve tried a few of the others, in the name of experimenting, but you just can’t take the Yorkshire Tea girl out of me, it’s always going to be my number one choice! You can get a mug, or a pot, and it is always served to a tee (ha! geddit?!) I happen to know that they brew each cup for exactly 3 minutes, using a timer, which is clearly the golden ingredients for the perfect brew.

Tea timer

Add a cake, a scone, a full lunch – go all out and treat yourself to an afternoon tea! Whatever you’re doing, if you need tea in town this has to be your number one stop. 

The second place is Off the Ground. They of the delicious toasties and perfect coffee, but I’ll let you in on some further knowledge. They also make a killer brew! Of course it’s Yorkshire Tea (rule number one obeyed immediately), I don’t know how long they leave it brewing but it definitely appears in that perfect shade of brickish-brown so it’s a win-win all round from your tea lover. I love that they’re open until 7pm most evenings (check their Facebook to stay up to date with changes to opening hours) which means it’s the perfect venue to meet up for an after work drinks. Long gone are the days when I used to hit the pubs after work, give me a good brew any day! #granny 

A shout out also has to go to Dressers Tea Rooms in the Dorman Museum, and Linthorpe Tea Rooms too. I think it’s fair to say that if the name of the place has the word tea in it, they’re kind of under obligation to ensure they offer a crackin’ brew! I can also tell you that Dressers will toast your crumpets to absolute crispy perfection and that Linthorpe Tea Rooms do proper old school puds like Cornflake Tart with custard! 


I don’t want to state the obvious, but of course you can (probably) get tea in all of the places in town! There’s heaps to choose from so feel free to take on the tea challenge and ask them for that perfect brew. If you find somewhere new, hit me up in the comments, I’m always willing to travel for a cuppa! 

Happy National Tea Day! You know what we need to celebrate? You guessed it – put the kettle on and grab the teabags, I’m on my way! Now we just need to figure out who’s going to do the cake run…

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