Restaurant Week is back again from 7 – 13 May, and we love it! I mean, what could be better than posters everywhere basically telling us to go out and eat nice food? The dream!

We realised that we’ve been very bad Love Middesbrough Lasses and not visited all the restaurants who are taking part, so our goal is to see how many of them we can squeeze into one short week! We’ll be blogging about our experiences during Restaurant Week itself, so stay tuned! But for now, we wanted to talk about the places we have been to, and how much we love them!

Al Forno (Rachel)

Al Forno has long been my favourite place for a good birthday meal. I’m a creature of habit, so I always have the same thing – carbonara. I’m very fussy about carbonara and I’ve tried an awful lot at different places, and Al Forno’s definitely gets my seal of approval! Plus, they do really good cocktails!

Bistrot Pierre (Rachel)

My favourite thing about Bistrot Pierre is without a doubt the fact that there’s actually stuff on the menu that I’ll eat (as a certified Fussy Eater™, that’s definitely not always the case everywhere I go)! Ever since we went last year, I’ve been constantly wondering how often is classed as too often to go back. The tartes flambées are definitely the highlight of the menu for me – the four cheese one is just perfect. It looks like a pizza, but is so much lighter, so you still have room for dessert.

Baker St Kitchen (Rachel)

Guys guys guys! Have you seen the Baker Street Kitchen refurbishment?! Omg, it looks soooo nice! I actually wondered if I’d made a mistake and walked into a totally different place; it looks so different (in a good way obvs). My three favourite things are, without a doubt: a) the tiles on the floor – total decor goals!, b) the fact they’re still doing my beloved HLT sandwich, and c) they now serve four layered cakes!

Lane7 (Claire)

You’ve definitely heard me wax lyrical about the joys of bowling before, and Lane7 is bowling but better! It’s stylish, it’s shiny, the balls fly down the lanes and they just totally upped their game by about a million for me with their recent installation of the dance machine to their too cool for school, retro arcade! The absolute joy! Head out and enjoy some food and then tag this on to your Restaurant Week night out – trust me, you won’t regret it! 

Lane7 Middlesbrough

Mannequin Cafe (Claire)

I can’t decide what I love the best about Mannequin Cafe – the cute wallpaper, the lovely owners, all the tasty food or the fact that it’s just over the road from Love Middlesbrough HQ! I mean, it’s probably all of them to be honest. It truly is one of the nicest places in town and if you’ve not been yet, then Restaurant Week is definitely the time to try it for yourself! I am all over the idea of savoury pancakes… *drools* 

Mannequin Cafe

Nando’s (Claire)

Loved by social media influencers all over the land, I definitely join them in their love for a cheeky Nando’s! The one in Boro is always absolutely jam-packed so be prepared to queue, but all good things come to those who wait. I usually end up with the same meal each time (that grilled chicken burger, lemon and herb flavouring, peri salted chips and spicy rice are just SO. GOOD!) so maybe Restaurant Week is my chance to try something new…any tips on what I should go for next? 

Peri Peri (Rachel)

If you didn’t know that people from Boro love their parmos, where have you been? Luckily, Peri Peri have got you covered. And it’s not just any old parmo, oh no; it’s got pepperoni on too! What more could you ask for? Actually, there is something more you could ask for – dessert. And they’re way ahead of you. There’s a dessert lounge upstairs! How could you possibly say no to that?!

The Curing House (Rachel)

As you might have noticed above, I like meat quite a bit. Pepperoni, salami, chorizo, Parma ham – get it all on my plate, right now! So, obviously, the Curing House is like heaven for me. So many different meat options, plus cheese, and bread, and chips – really it’s just all the good things in life. We went to the Curing House for last year’s Restaurant Week, and you can bet your bottom dollar I’ll be going back this year as well. Just try and stop me!

The Dickens (Claire)

Anywhere that serves a Chunky Chip Butty is going to have all my heart – chunky chips for life! The Dickens has all of my classic pub grub favourites and the best thing of all is that with the summer coming, it’s got loads of outside seating too making it the perfect place for a sunny lunchtime stop! As if that wasn’t brilliant enough their Restaurant Week offer is free dessert with any main meal. FREE. DESSERT. Sign me up!  

Turtle Bay (Claire)

Turtle Bay Middlesbrough just turned one this weekend – happy birthday guys, hope you partied hard! Gorgeous food, interior goals and all the pretttttty liiiiiiights, I can’t wait to see what’s going to be on their special Restaurant Week menu! I’m really hoping for all-things fish and some dreamy, oh so tasty, Jerk Pit BBQ goodness! Y U M.  

Turtle Bay Middlesbrough 3

Waterside Brasserie (Rachel)

Middlesbrough College isn’t the first place you’d imagine going for a nice sit-down meal, but you definitely should. Waterside Brasserie is both a lovely restaurant and also a training environment for catering and hospitality students, so by eating there, you’re supporting young people too. So you can get delicious food (and it is delicious, and proper restaurant quality too) and a nice warm, fuzzy feeling at the same time. Perfect!

Check out the Restaurant Week Facebook event for all the offers, and we’ll see you out and about enjoying the food! Bon appétit!

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