If you’ve been reading for a while you know that we don’t need any excuse to go out and eat food. It’s pretty much up there with our most favourite thing to do ever – so of course we were going to be enjoying ALL OF THE FOOD during Restaurant Week. The only problem was deciding where to eat first!

Being the adventurous Love Middlesbrough Lasses that we are, we decided that we needed to try somewhere that we’d never been before.  And because we love pizza, pasta, pudding and all things carbs we chose Elianos Brasserie. If you’ve never heard of this little Italian gem in town, then keep on reading – trust us, it is DEFINITELY worth a visit! 


I’m lucky I get to go first because this means I get to talk about the interior cuteness! But I’m sure Rach will cover that too because how could you not? It truly is lovely! Tables covered in checked cloths of all colours, rich warm wood all around, and loads of illustrations and pictures to see on the walls – you don’t really know where to look first. If I had to sum it up in three words I would choose cosy, traditional and welcoming. 

We know you’re all here for the food, so let’s get right to it. I’m not going to lie, I didn’t even move beyond the pasta and pizza part of the menu as I knew that was what I wanted to get! I opted for Pasta con Pollo Primavera – for those who don’t know their Italian: pasta with strips of char-grilled chicken, mozzarella, roasted vegetables, cream, toasted pine kernels and parmesan shavings. Bring. It. On. I ordered dessert straight away too – it was always going to be cheesecake cos it’s my absolute fave. I might have persuaded Rach that we needed a garlic bread too. With extra cheese of course…

Elianos Brasserie

So how was it? Oh my! Tasty. Delicious. Big portions. Yummy scrummy. I’m not really sure how many other ways I can say that it was scrumdiddlyumptious! I ate every single bit, and even when I didn’t think I could fit any more in, I ate some more. So good! 

Elianos Brasserie

Of course I went home and told Mr Love Middlesbrough all about it and he is now desperate to go and try it out! This from the man who once ate a 7 course meal in a super fancy Italian restaurant in Italy so it’s fair to say that he likes Italian food. 

I honestly can’t recommend it enough. It was truly delightful and I can’t wait to go back again very soon! 


I love Italian food, like ridiculous amounts. I’m a self-styled carbonara connoisseur, so naturally that’s what I had to go for. Spoiler alert: it was amaze!

I get very pouty at restaurants when I order pasta and I get like 5 bits of spaghetti in a massive bowl and that’s supposed to be my meal. Not so at Elianos! There. Was. So. Much. Pasta.!!! It was the dream, to be honest. In fact, there was so much that it almost defeated me, but I soldiered on and emerged victorious, even though I did nearly fall asleep there and then at the table.

Of course we couldn’t go home without having dessert too, and I went for profiteroles, because who wouldn’t tbh?! Based on the size of the main course, I should have known that it wouldn’t be a small portion (not that that’s ever a problem with dessert), but since we ordered the main and dessert together, I didn’t know that at the time!

So, fast forward to a plate with three huge profiteroles being put down in front of me… I was very excited but a little daunted too! Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, I discovered they were filled with creme patissiere, rather than just naff whipped cream. (Side note: if anyone could make me a whole bowl of creme patissiere to just eat with a spoon, I’d be exceptionally grateful) But back to my dessert… so good! So, so good! I could just do with them again right now, sat at my desk!

I’m like 210% deffo going back to Elianos, and would recommend that everyone goes – but make sure you don’t eat much earlier in the day, because you’re gonna be stuffed afterwards!!

You can find Elianos at 20-22 Fairbridge Street, TS1 5DJ. If you need a really easy way to figure out where it is head to McDonalds on Grange Road, keep on walking until you get to Off the Ground Coffee, turn around so that your back is to the front of Off the Ground and then walk straight ahead – it’s just a few short steps away! 

You can also follow them on Facebook or visit their website where you can see their menus and enjoy even more peeks into the cuteness. 

You’ve got a few more days to enjoy their Restaurant Week offer – 2 courses for £12.95 per person. This offer includes the new Sunday lunch serving Sunday Roast and some Italian favourites. But even if you miss this offer, the prices are really good, and in case you hadn’t already realised, the food is deeeelish and of course we insist you go! 

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