2017 – what a beaut! What a year! Want to see a round-up of all the fab stuff we did? Of course you do!

Top 5 blog posts

  1. You’re not alone in loving all things Orange Pip Market. We sent Love Middlesbrough Lass Emma along to try it out for the first time during English Tourism Week and you loved her review as much as she loved eating ALL OF THE FOOD. The observant among you will soon see that this becomes a common theme…
  2. Emma pops up once again and this time she’s at the theatre! A Note to Myself rolls in at number two…
  3. A late entry to this list is our fabulous top 5 hot chocolates post – maybe we’ll do a top 5 milkshakes or sundaes post next year, since you obviously loved it as much as we did!
  4. Mela 2017! That glorious Saturday and Sunday in July when Centre Square was filled with food, entertainment, decorations, fantastic performances and oh, did we mention food?
  5. It fills our hearts with joy that you love the Dorman Museum as much as we do. We could hardly contain our excitement for the Tokyo to the Tees exhibition and it did not disappoint at all…

Love Middlesbrough InstaMeet

We were so excited to plan our very first InstaMeet! All the photos – our favourite! We had grand plans that did end up being slightly smaller than we had hoped, but we were delighted that people came to join us – good things definitely come in small packages. It was lovely meeting people face to face and the photos that came out of the day were brilliant! We’d love to do it again so shout out in the comments if you would be up for joining us…


We were massively excited to be asked to work with Middlesbrough Libraries and their summer #BoroReads project. Books! Libraries! Young bloggers! Love Middlesbrough Lass Claire was basically in her happiest of happy places. As if that wasn’t brilliant enough, we also started making connections with local authors and started our Boro Books series too. We’re definitely hoping for more of this in 2018!

Favourite photo

Snow in Centre Square

It won’t come as too much of a surprise that we love our Instagram – if you’re not already following, get on it! Turns out you guys also love the S N O W as our most loved photo was this glorious snowy scene, captured by our honorary Love Middlesbrough Lass, Matt.


All the food, all the days! Would it really be a Love Middlesbrough blog if it didn’t include some reference to food?! From ice-creams in Stewart Park to fancy French-English food at Bistrot Pierre, we tried out as many places as we could. We’re still waaaaaaay behind with all the fantastic new places that have opened in town and we’ll be doing our very best to make up for that in 2018. It truly is a tough job…

Magical Middlesbrough Christmas

Fireworks at Christmas

We know it was magical because over 60,000 of you came out to join us at the Christmas Lights Switch On and the Magical Middlesbrough Parade! On a side note we’d like to say thanks to you all for your feedback about the Christmas Markets and the Fairground. We’ve taken it all on board and passed it along to the events peeps and we’ll just have to see what happens next year!

Highlights from the Lasses

Claire I got to do so many brilliant things, it’s hard to call it. But if you’re making me choose it’s equal running between all the hard hat tours I got to go on (hard hats are so cool! ) and going to my very first classical music concert – still gives me goosebumps!

Emma  I have to say, this year was one thing after another. So much has happened – including becoming a Love Middlesbrough Lass whoop! – can my highlight be all the food :’D? That’s valid right? If it isn’t then the summer special of Orange Pip Market on Centre Square has to be my highlight. The food and the atmosphere was so amazing, it truly felt like summer – and it was warmer than it is now, brr!

Rachel Like Claire, I’m having trouble choosing just one highlight. I think it would be a tie between our visit to Creams and the Magical Middlesbrough Christmas Lights Switch On, when the Lasses were all out in force, having a great time watching a fire show, and dancing to some fab music! My trusty little phone took some amazing firework photos too…


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