Orange Pip Market Summer Special

Well, Saturday 24th June was host to Orange Pip Market Summer Special in Centre Square. The build-up was incredible, and the day lived up to the hype. The day itself was the usual sunshine with only a little bit of wind; typical Orange Pip Market weather.

You can only imagine that I ate a lot, and I mean a lot. Usually I’m restricted due to being vegetarian, but not at Orange Pip, I was spoilt for choice for meals and it took me a good five minutes to decide on my first purchase of the day – I’d already seen the first band with Love Middlesbrough Lass Claire.

I went for a Burger from The Green Guerrilla first, with their entire stall being veggie or vegan I knew I was safe. I topped it with cheese, vegan bacon, coleslaw and a tomato relish and it was sooooo good. I hadn’t had bacon in ages and I have to say, this was better than actual bacon- top marks for The Green Guerrilla.

Now you can’t have lunch without dessert and what better than a Nutella crepe. La Petite Crêperie was amazing, authentic (at least from my experience) and delicious. The vendor was a good conversation partner whilst I waited for my food to be prepared and boy was that good food – I have to say it again, it was so good. Can we have them back next month please?

Taking a break from the food, I went to have my hair done by Twisted Sister for the first time (I’ve been to every market since the original blog post) and we went live with it. As beautiful as it was, I had glitter everywhere. It’s not too much of a pain to clean but because it’s all over my bedroom, I’m still picking it off various areas of my body. Still, totally worth it for this beauty. Photo credit to Claire.

Claire and I then made our way back to the stage to watch the next band, a group of amazing women (and their male drummer) with AMAZING harmonies. The Cornshed Sisters are empowering women with a female bassist (female musicians know that seeing a female bassist is life itself) and  – once again – awesome harmonies.

Whilst listening to The Cornshed Sisters, Claire and I ate cheesecake from Simply Cheesecake – something we’d both been looking forward to for quite some time. I had strawberry shortcake – summery, refreshing and delicious – and Claire had Ferrer Roche,  “creamy, delicious, fluffy” – Claire. My only wish is that I’d bought some more to take home.

I took a break from the band to grab us some strawberry lemonade and discovered I could not be a waitress in a bar – I spilt half of my own drink. Honestly, strawberry flavoured food on a hot day is the best thing and I think I may be becoming obsessed. My obsession with strawberry aside, I have found my new favourite drink, Tap Garden’s strawberry lemonade.

We have to mention of Bobzilla but Baker Street’s artist (of birds) was spray painting another bird onto cling film wrapped around two trees. The end result was amazing.

I had a delicious salt lake caramel cookie from Moka Coffee (with a diet coke but that’s nothing special) and I want them all. I really should have thought ahead and bought more food to be able to eat whilst writing this post. I did steal a corner of Claire’s peanut butter brownie from Moody Baker whilst we were snacking and Oh Lord was it good! You couldn’t turn in this edition of the market without being greeted with mouth-wateringly good food, and the desserts were the best. Moody Baker and Moka Coffee, do you do home delivery?

I finished off with a simple, stone baked Margherita pizza, which really hit that empty spot. Earth and Fire is one of the best pizza places ever, not greasy (I don’t like greasy food) not too heavy on the dough and always baked for just the right amount of time too. I think my phone enjoyed it also – clumsy moment of the day was when I dropped my phone into the pizza just after taking a photo. Here’s the photo that lead to the disaster —>>>

My phone is fine by the way, no damage, just smells like pizza sauce… aka awesome.

I have to give a massive mention to all the bands, the musical talent was superb and Northern Monkey Brass Band really upped the energy to end the market; we were even up and dancing and no, you can’t see the video.

Big shout out to Skins and Needles and their very brave models for tattoos – I’m a wimp and probably wouldn’t be able to have a tattoo. The art you produced was amazing from what I saw. Also shout out to the police officer who joined in the salsa class and to the wonderful people at the Men Tell Health and Middlesbrough Volunteer Centre (with their outdoor living room) apologies I didn’t manage to talk to you, but you’re doing a great thing. I didn’t personally experience the outdoor games but from the looks of it, they were very fun and the kids taking part seemed to be enjoying themselves.

This summer edition of Orange Pip Market was amazing, family-friendly and quite festival-like which was great for summer. Can’t wait for July; don’t forget to follow Orange Pip Market on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date.

The Last Pip of Summer

orange pip aug lukeBank Holiday weekend and everyone was out and about at the Orange Pip Market for one last summer fling in central Middlesbrough. The music from acts playing in the street stage to the sizzles of artisan burgers and the splosh of hand pumped ales were the sounds of the Orange Pip summer. A new heartbeat for Middlesbrough.

In four months the artisan street market has become really well established. The last Saturday of the month is no longer the time to head for the moors or the coast, instead all roads lead into Baker Street and for the first time in August, Bedford Street as well. This is the new focal point for happening, vibrant, down town Middlesbrough.

orange pip aug 1The sun was shining once again and this time the market had spread its tentacles of food stalls, tables and chairs into neighbouring Bedford Street.  A real badge of honour and a measure of unqualified success for the artisan market to have already outgrown its terrace street setting and overflowed into the second adjacent street of the independent quarter of Middlesbrough. It certainly meant for more breathing space but there was no diminishing of the atmosphere.

orange pip aug tallOrange Pip brings a lively, energy and optimism to Middlesbrough. In fact it brings the people back into their town centre. The two streets, Baker and Bedford with their micro pubs, independent clothing shops, restaurants, cafés are a real go to hub.

A couple of weeks ago I was interviewed on BBC Stoke ahead of Boro’s first home match of the new Premier era. After answering questions about football and the reaction of the town to our top flight return I might easily have been thrown by the final query pitched my way. Where would you recommend the Stoke fans going to before the game? Away fans did not often travel to Boro in big numbers in the Championship but there were nearly 3000 tickets snapped up by Stoke followers. I didn’t hesitate in recommending Baker and Bedford Street as somewhere the visitors could grab a bite size chunk of Teesside atmosphere and refreshment. Spending money at independently run businesses is a nice boost for the local economy.

orange pip aug tall 2A couple of streets that speak of urban renewal from the grass roots up. Somewhere you will get a nice pint and pie and a good conversation.

With bigger away crowds all season and also a higher percentage of home fans than ever before residing outside the area football tourism can be more significant this season. We now have the town centre hotel space to cope and a range of restaurants and bars to cater for different needs. Baker and Bedford Streets can feed off football tourism all season long.

Orange Pip market has flagged up these two little streets to everyone in Middlesbrough and Teesside. People are making a date in their online diaries to make a beeline for the end of the month event. They will also come back in between times to use the little bars and interesting cafes and restaurants.

What a welcome success story from the summer of 2016.

orange pip aug bedford

orange pip aug bedford 1orange pip aug sold out