Top 5 places for sweet treats

Everybody loved our top 5 hot chocolates post, so we decided to carry on the tradition and give you our lowdown on the top 5 places in Boro for sweet treats (in no particular order!). It’s a hard job, but someone has to do it…

1. Esquires Coffee

Sweet treats: Esquires Coffee

Cake! Rainbow sprinkles! Pink! – just three of my favourite things, and coincidentally, this cake includes them all, which makes it a winner in my book! Plus, Esquires have just been refurbished and it looks super cool and modern – very Bedford Street-esque!

2. Dressers Tea Room

Sweet treats: Dressers Tea Room

Having worked at the beautiful Dorman Museum, I can safely say I spent a loooooot of time in Dressers and tried pretty much all of their cakes! I can’t pick a favourite, but this Irish cream one was pretty darn special.

3. Off the Ground (supplied by Songbird Bakery)

Sweet treats: Off the Ground

I think this cookie actually changed my life a little bit, it was that magical! It was like a cross between a cookie and a cake, and I never wanted it to end. It’s totally okay to eat Christmas-themed food all year round, right? Please, I want more…

4. Bedford Street Coffee

Sweet treats: Bedford Street Coffee

If it was possible for me to survive on Bedford Street Coffee’s salted caramel brownie alone, I absolutely 100% would. It’s a thing of beauty. And when it comes served with fruit, you can almost pretend it’s healthy!

5.  The Southfield

Sweet treats: The Southfield

Yes, really. You can get a slab of cake the size of your face for £2.45, and if that (as a cake lover) doesn’t make you happy, nothing will. It’s less than a bus fare into town! Sign. Me. Up.!


It’s been a tough job, taking part in this research, but we (wo)manned up valiantly to the cause! Anything for cake…and my absolute favourite sweet treat will always be cake. And the only cake for me is from The Olde Young Tea House (how many times can I mention cake in one paragraph?!) Light, fluffy, ALWAYS delicious, brilliant flavour combinations and the perfect proportion of icing to cake: P E R F E C T I O N ! Every time. In fact, can I have some now please? Cake run, anyone…


How does one choose the best place for a sweet treat – it really depends on if you want cake, doughnuts, cookies, ice cream. Either way, I have to put Espresso 10 outside the Hillstreet Centre at top for me. I mean mini doughnuts and chocolate sauce is always a winner!


My honourable mention goes to Patisserie Valerie, because I’m slightly obsessed with their chocolate gateau slice and I’d eat them every day if I could!

Top 5 hot chocolates!

Anyone who spends any time looking at our Instagram will know that we love hot chocolate. I mean, you can’t fail to be happy when you have a (good) hot chocolate in your hand! In fact, you could almost say I’m a hot chocolate connoisseur.

I’m also someone who likes lists a lot, so what better way to present my favourite hot chocolates than in a list (with photos of course, because I can never resist taking a blogger-ish photo of my food or drink).

So here I present to you, my top 5 hot chocolates:

1. Off the Ground (white chocolate)

My overall winner is Off the Ground, with their amazing white hot chocolate! It’s so good I can’t even deal with it; I would literally drink it every day if I could. It tastes like actual white chocolate, not just some chocolate-flavoured powder, but it’s not too sweet either.

Plus, Off the Ground is a social enterprise working to end homelessness in Middlesbrough, so you can feel like you’re doing good while you’re having your delicious hot chocolate too. More of this in 2018 please!

2. Baker Street Kitchen (BSK hot chocolate)

Hot chocolate! Marshmallows! Cream! And a Flake! Be still my beating heart!

As if the hot chocolate couldn’t possibly get any better, you also get a Flake or some other kind of super-melty chocolate bar to go with it, which you can put into your hot chocolate to make it even richer, or just eat it (guilty).

3. Mannequin Cafe

Mannequin Cafe is a two minute hop, skip and jump away from Love Middlesbrough HQ, so we’re forever in there for hot chocolate. Good day? Hot chocolate. Bad day? Hot chocolate. Cold day? Hot chocolate. Etc., etc.

It’s so cheap even for a large one (which obvs I get), and it’s made with milk, none of this boiling water nonsense! Proper job!

4. Brewhouse (white chocolate)

I’m reliably informed that the proper Teesside way to say this coffee shop’s name is ‘Brew’ouse’, so here’s a white chocolate hot chocolate from Brew’ouse.

There’s not a lot to say really, other than why wouldn’t you want a hot chocolate that’s made with white chocolate? It literally tastes like drinking a Milkybar! Oh, and it comes with a Flake too; you can’t get much better than that!

5. Olde Young Tea House

You can’t write about hot drinks in Middlesbrough and not write about the Olde Young Tea House.

Everything there is served with a side order of adorbs (by that I obviously mean adorableness, not some weird new food called adorbs), which makes it wonderful in my book. Their hot chocolate comes with all the usual trimmings and my only complaint is that the mug could be bigger, but then I always want more hot chocolate!

And there you have it, my top 5 hot chocolates in Boro (and not a chain coffee shop in sight)! So now you’ve got my recommendations, get out there and try them out for yourself this festive season! ☕️❤️☕️